SYBIL GIBSON (1908-1995)
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"Art Extraordinary" 30 Year Retrospective
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Continuing story of the last year:

In May 1994, Sybil met her first great-granddaughter for the first time - a joyful occasion for her!

1st Granddaughter- Cynthia Monique
1st Great-granddaughter-Michaella Rae

Four Generations
Sybil, Theresa, Cynthia, Michaella

The anticipation of becoming a Great-Grandmother so inspired Sybil that two significant paintings emerged under her brush early in 1994:

"In The Womb"

"ETernal Love"

In July 1994, Sybil expressed a desire to see the exhibition “The Passionate Eye” at the Terrace Gallery , City Hall, Orlando, Florida before it closed.  Since Orlando is only about a 90 minute drive from Dunedin, it didn’t take much planning - an early departure with time to enjoy a delightful lunch before viewing the exhibition.  Below are pictures of the show:

City Hall Lobby

Sybil’s Installation

Brian Dowdall’s wonderful large paintings filled the Lobby with magnificent color as they hung from the ceiling.

Sybil with her entire installation

Sybil’s spirit was so uplifted in being surrounded by the creativity expressed in other artists works and in her own presented in the exhibition that she painted with great vigor for the next few weeks until a massive heart attack in mid-August ended her 30 years of incredible creativity.

The prognosis by the Doctor’s was 0 days to six months.  The second Great-grandchild was due the first of November and Sybil was determined to see and hold that baby.  In honor of such determination, we are going to share those Christmas 1994 pictures with you.  Sybil made it through Christmas and went to her great reward January 2, 1995.

2nd Granddaughter-Maggie 2nd Great-granddaughter- Rachel Anne

Sybil meets Rachel who was born
November 7th

Sybil caresses every inch of the
precious baby

Sybil was so happy to have a second “love-in” with the 1st Great-granddaughter - Michaella Rae and see how much she had grown since May:

Sybil had fulfilled her desire to see and hold her great-granddaughters one more time and seemed very much at peace on Christmas Day 1994.

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